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Greenland Competition at Kayak Academy

The Kayak Academy held a Greenland week recently, ending with a competition last Sunday. I went out to Lake Sammamish to help out with the competition and I was also encourage to be a participant.

Maligiaq and Dubside were the judges and announced all the rolls in Greenlandic while I stood in the water to help participants with roll translations and reminders of how to set up for each roll.

I was really impressed with how everyone did, especially since PFDs were required (liability insurance). Nearly everyone who attempted the behind the head roll had a really hard time getting over for the roll due to all of the excess floatation.

I personally was really proud of how I did. I used Barb’s newest Illusion, the cockpit is slightly smaller than her older one so I didn’t fall out of the cockpit like I used to in the other. It also works quite well for forward ending rolls.

I succeeded for the first time in coming up from the spine roll – usually I get stuck in a static brace and can’t come up the rest of the way. I also did a brick roll! I’m sure the PFD probably helped with those, but it was pretty darn cool to be successful on those.

Overall, I placed 3rd, but if the competition was done the way they do it in Greenland, separating genders, then I came in first for females!! Very happy with how I did.

I was also really impressed with Andrew! He did a fabulous job rolling and was the winner lucky enough to take home the Golden Harpoon. You can see his stories and photos on his site: http://www.dashpointpirate.typepad.com/

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos since I loaned my camera to Dubside (he had the same camera as me but recently lost his so I loaned mine to him, he uses his sometimes to video people he is teaching). If I find any photos from others I’ll try to share them.