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Congratulations Barb & George

On Oct 24th I had the privilege of attending a wedding ceremony that was essentially a who’s who of Pacific Northwest Kayaking. Barb and George Gronseth, owners of the Kayak Academy, finally tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony at Lake Sammamish Park. Present were various kayak makers, store owners, kayaking magazine editors, instructors, and more. It was a beautiful fall day to celebrate the official commitment of the happy couple.

Barb and George get married 

When we got married Richard had fun writing some kayaking vows. While we didn’t official use these, they are framed on a plaque under a favorite kayaking photo. Here, I’d like to share these with everyone in celebration of Barb and George tying the knot, may they enjoy many more days paddling together!

Kayaking Vows by Richard Rogers
Do you take this person to be your lawfully wedded paddling partner,
Do you promise to perform assisted rescues when he/she capsizes,
Offer to tow him/her when he/she is exhausted,
And resolve navigational disputes with calm & patience,
In good weather and bad, ’til one of you drowns in the surf?