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Hail Paddle

Over a month of paddling and no posts, shame on me!

The weather in October definitely picked up and for the first time I became one of those kayakers that people start to wonder about. Most people started bundling up and staying indoors but I kept putting the kayak on top of the car and heading out in all my gear.

The story that probably generated the most stares was going out when we started having a lot of thunderstorms and wicked weather. There was a Friday where I joined John, Ian, and Dubside to play in the wind waves off the lighthouse point near Discovery Park.

We put in at Golden Gardens and paddled along the marina to stay in some protected waters and then worked our way over to the point. This area in particular gets some really great waves when it is windy and this was certainly the case on this day. We all had a couple great rides on the incoming waves when we noticed that the view out to Bainbridge was getting poor, with very dark skies moving in. Soon enough, it was on top of us and it started to hail. I started to question staying on the water when sure enough there was a flash of lightening! We all quickly paddled to a beach area and hopped ashore.

We stood with our backs to the wind, as it was pelting hail against us pretty hard. However, we were pretty well covered in our gear and the hail didn’t feel too bad through the neoprene. The boys humored me and briefly faced the hail so I could snap this photo:

Hail break

After we were certain the worst had passed we got back in our kayaks and continued playing before heading back to Golden Gardens. By the time we were paddling back the skies to the east were amazingly clear and we had a beautiful view of the Olympics covered with snow.