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How Kayakers get a bad name

The woman I work for often frets about my kayaking excursions. Admittedly, many think I'm a bit crazy that I love to roll my kayak so much and a friend commented "don't say Jeanette doesn't know how to have fun" after reading about my cold water immersion experience. But if I'm going out on a trip I make sure I'm safe: I check the conditions, I wear immersion gear, I typically go with someone, especially if going out in challenging conditions, and I know how to get back in my kayak if I have to wet exit for any reason.

I think it is the stories like the one on the news today that causes people to worry about me when kayaking. The initial report was just that they had to be rescued, with no details on why. That vague type of report can certainly cause a lot of worry for other kayakers and those who worry about us. If you don't follow up on the story, people may be left thinking that kayaking is inherintly dangerous (though hopefuly the 2am business gave them pause). The full story revealed that these two guys went out kayaking without any immersion gear, drunk, in the middle of the night. Sigh.


Yes, even experienced kayakers get into trouble and I know a very experienced kayaker who died on the water last year, but seriously, I'm much safer when kayaking than these guys.