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Deception Pass and More Kayaks

Trip Report: Deception Pass May 7th, 2010
Max Ebb 2:23pm: -5.06 knots

Rand and John were doing another trip up to Deception Pass and I had the pleasure of tagging along. I guess I haven’t been kayaking enough to remember to bring my camera with me but it was a gorgeous day. See any of the previous DP posts containing photos and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

We launched from Bowman around 2pm to get to the pass in time for the max ebb (-5.06 knots) happening at 2:23pm. The timing was perfect since we were able to take advantage of the eddies to basically get sucked towards the pass with little effort. That helped us save our energy for playing in the pass.

The West side was fairly flat so we worked our way to the East side of Deception Island to play in a standing wave there. I was just happy to be able to keep up with them given how little kayaking I've been doing so far this year (biking instead). We then moved over to the south side of the main pass to play in eddies there as well. As the afternoon wore on more boats came through the pass which made for more fun! The waves created by the boats made for some decent surfing attempts too.

Before heading up Setsuko kindly offered her kayak to John to take up to the pass, so he was paddling her Japanese Qaanaaq in the pass. I’ve tried her kayak out previously and it is supremely easy to roll (definitely a "cheater" kayak!). John was enjoying playing in it and says that it definitely handles like a skin on frame kayak.

John and I swapped boats temporarily so he paddled my Mariner while I was in the Qaanaaq. I previously felt fine in Setsuko’s kayak but I guess with my regular lifejacket and all the extra gear (radio, water, etc) I was a lot more top heavy and most definitely did not feel stable in her kayak at all! I was eager to switch back to my Mariner.

We played for a bit more before heading back. Overall, it was just another beautiful day in the pass.

More Kayaks Tangent
On a side note, I love my Mariner and definitely don’t want to give it up. It is perfect for camping trips and it surfs well and is all around a great kayak. However, for almost two years now (gosh, has it been that long since Alaska?) I’ve been wanting an Illusion. After the pass on Friday I was teaching the French Immersion class again on Monday and was in an Illusion. Paddling the two so close together like that really reminded me how much I love the maneuverability of the Illusion and I already know it is fabulous for all the rolling I love to do. Maybe someday soon I’ll get one.

I never thought I’d need 3 kayaks, but I think I understand now! As someone else once said to me when answering the question of “how many kayaks do you need?” he said, “one more than I already have.” I thought two was more than plenty, and now I’d like to think that three kayaks would certainly be enough if I were to get another one, but then perhaps there will be the day that we need folder kayaks for travel…